Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 2020

1. Summary

This Privacy Policy (‘Privacy Policy’) has been prepared by or on behalf of Mac East Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 626 104 649), which is the Owner of the Eggy idea and business (together, ‘Eggy’, ‘we’ or ‘us’).

This Policy informs Users about the collection, use and disclosure of User’s information directly from and related to the User’s interaction with and use of the Eggy mobile application, the Eggy web application and the Eggy website (together, ‘Product’ or ‘Products’).

Eggy understands that the security of Users’ information is paramount. Eggy is committed to ensuring that the User’s privacy and confidentiality is protected, and to abiding by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), under the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act).

Information collected by Eggy is used to optimise Eggy Products and to enhance the User’s experience.

2. Information we collect

While using the Product, Eggy may obtain the following information about Users: name, gender, date of birth, address, email address, geographic location, telephone number, mobile device, and Internet Protocol (‘IP’) address (together ‘Personal Information’).

In addition, we may collect Qualitative Data (‘Qualitative Data’) and Quantitative Data (‘Quantitative Data’) from Users. This may include written feedback (e.g. emails from Users), verbal feedback (e.g. from interviews with Users) and electronic feedback (e.g. online surveys) that Users provide related to their experience of using and interacting with the Product.

Analytical and usage data (‘Data Analytics’) may also be collected from Users. This may include information and metrics such as the frequency of Product access and usage, the pages and screens visited, the Product features accessed and used/not used, the flow of screens/pages accessed, the time and date at which the Product was used, and the time that is spent on each page/screen.

The contents of any personal documentation uploaded by the User to the Product may be accessed and stored for the purpose of optimising the User’s experience and the delivering features of the Product.

3. How and why we use your information

Information may be collected from the User through their use of, and interaction with, the Product. This may include information that the User has directly provided (e.g. in their use of the Eggy mobile application or in surveys) or information that the User has indirectly provided (e.g. through their use of the Eggy website).

We may use Users’ Personal Information to communicate with the User and enhance their experience. This may include: to provide technical support; to notify Users of product updates, special offers and relevant content; to conduct User surveys and research; to measure User satisfaction; to fix bugs and problems. Personal Information may be anonymised and aggregated to better understand how the Product is being used so that the Product may be optimised.

Data Analytics may also be used to better understand how the Product is being used and how the User’s experience may be optimised. Usage metrics may be used to develop business reports, to promote Eggy’s Products, to identify User’s needs and behaviours, and to enhance the User’s experience. This information may be anonymised, aggregated and analysed to indicate how the Product is used collectively by all Users.

Qualitative Data and Quantitative Data collected from Users through written feedback (e.g. emails), verbal feedback (e.g. interviews) and electronic feedback (e.g. surveys) may be used to demonstrate product traction and validation in business documents (e.g. stakeholder reports) and published on Eggy social media accounts (e.g. Instagram). Eggy may use, disclose, reproduce, license, distribute and otherwise commercialize any such feedback from Users. This will be done in a manner that does not explicitly, nor wholly, identify the User and does not otherwise infringe upon Eggy’s Privacy Policy.

4. Tools we use to collect your information

Eggy’s Products have tools embedded into them to help us collect useful information. These tools include Google Analytics and cookies.

Google Analytics is a tool that helps analyse the traffic and how Users are engaging with the Product. Data is aggregated and can generate useful information such as where Users are coming from (e.g. through Google searches) and the pathways Users take while using the Product (e.g. the flow of pages/screens visited). Identifying usage patterns may be used to help improve the performance and usability of the Product.

Cookies are small text files which are sent to a User’s browser from a web site to collect information about the User’s web browsing behaviour (e.g. web pages visited). This allows Eggy to analyse website traffic and enables services to be tailored to Users’ preferences. Users can set their browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. Actioning this option may prevent Users from taking full advantage of Eggy’s Product features.

Qualitative Data may be collected via feedback mechanisms including both written (e.g. emails, comments on social media, mobile applications) and verbal methods (e.g. interviews, group discussions). Additional quantitative data related to Users’ satisfaction and experience of Eggy’s Products may be collected via online surveys.

5. How your information is stored and protected

Eggy uses multiple measures to ensure that Users’ information is secure and that their privacy is protected.

Internal Policies

All Eggy team members (i.e. employees, advisors, contractors and consultants), as well as any third-party suppliers, are bound by Eggy’s Information Security Policy.


Hard copies and electronic records are stored in secure buildings and systems. The Eggy mobile application, the Eggy web application and the Eggy website, are all hosted on a secure platform. The design and development of Eggy Products has been implemented using best practices.


Data uploaded by Users to their accounts and stored on Eggy’s systems is encrypted, so that it cannot be read or accessed by unauthorised users. Encryption keys are strictly managed in accordance with Eggy’s Information Security Policy.


Authorised access to User’s information is only granted to Eggy team members (i.e. employees, advisors, contractors and consultants) on an ‘as needs’ basis. Access is controlled through multifactor authentication and is restricted via user permission levels.


In the event that a User deletes or deactivates their account, relevant information will be retained for a business or legal reasons, then permanently deleted. All reasonable steps will be taken to destroy Users’ information.

Business Documents

Documents and data related to the internal business operations of Eggy are stored in private files on secure, password-protected data storage applications.

6. Who can access your information

Users’ Personal Information, Data Analytics, Qualitative Data and Quantitative Data can only be accessed by authorised Eggy team members (i.e. employees, advisors, contractors and consultants). This information will be shared with Eggy team members on an ‘as needs’ basis for the purpose of delivering the services featured in the Product, for enhancing the User’s experience and for optimising the Product. All Eggy team members (i.e. employees, advisors, contractors and consultants) are bound by Eggy’s Information Security Policy, when handling any User’s information.

Users’ information will only be disclosed to third party suppliers when it is required by law, or in order to provide the services featured in the Product. When required to by law, Eggy may share User’s information with government and/or law enforcement agencies or regulators. In the event that we need to send Users’ information overseas, for the purpose of utilising the services of a provider outside Australia, these service providers will also be bound by Eggy’s Information Security Policy.

In addition, Users’ information may be shared with Eggy stakeholders (e.g. investors) in order to demonstrate Product validation and to justify business activities. The information will be anonymised and aggregated to ensure the identity of Users is protected.

You can request to access a copy of your Personal Information at any time by emailing us at . You can also request to edit, update or correct any of your Personal Information by emailing us at .

7. Editing or deleting your information

Users can edit or delete their Personal Information by logging into their account. Alternatively, Users can contact us and request for their Personal Information to be edited or deleted.

8. Communications

We may use Users’ Personal Information to contact them for the purpose of marketing our Product and providing relevant content (e.g. newsletters). Marketing communications will only be sent to Users if they have requested or subscribed to them. Users can opt out of marketing communications by unsubscribing via the link provided in the email or by emailing us directly at .

9. Changes To This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of February 2020.

We reserve the right to update or change our Privacy Policy at any time. If we make any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify Users through the email address they have provided us, and by placing a prominent notice on our website.

10. Contact Us

Eggy welcomes any questions, feedback, comments or suggestions which will optimise our Products and enhance Users’ experience.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email .

11. Complaints

In the event that you have a complaint or concern about your interaction with or use of Eggy’s products, we will attempt to remedy your issue as soon as possible.

If you wish to make a complaint about our handling of your information, please contact us via email at .

You can also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) by phoning 1300 363 992 and/or by email .