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Eggy Founder's Update - April 2020

8 April 2020 - 6 min read

2020 kicked off and we were flying. We’d snared Atlassian’s Head of Security, Dan Grzelak, as Eggy’s Security Advisor, we’d welcomed Eggy’s genius tech lead Bruno Guedes into a full-time role, we had investors coming on board in response to personal stories our team members were sharing online, we were progressing discussions with corporates after our big win with Suncorp last year, and we’d moved into our new office at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub. Yep, flying. Then coronavirus smacked us between the eyes.

When Team Eggy first moved into their new home at the GC Hub. Pre-coronavirus.

We were floored, shellshocked, bamboozled. Just like the rest of the world. So many questions and so much (more) uncertainty. “What’s happening?”, “What’s all this mean?”, “What’s our next move?” But more than anything we wondered a million times over, “Is our family going to be okay?” and “Is our company going to survive this?” We had to decide if we were going to slow down, make some tough decisions (again), cut back on everything (again) and try make our funding last for at least the next six months. Or just park the Eggy train completely and wait for brighter days.

But the more we thought about it and the more we strategised, the more we read, researched and reached out, the more we realised that life admin is still a massive pain for millions of people. No matter how much time we all spend at home in iso, that pile of papers on the kitchen bench, that overflowing email inbox and those phone calls we need to make to our service providers, are still PAINFUL. We also discovered that service providers were desperate for ways to boost customer satisfaction while slashing their operational expenses. So after much thought, discussion, meetings and scenario analysis paralysis, we decided to dust ourselves off and put our big kid pants on. Eggy needed to charge ahead.

Because the corona memes keep us going too.

So we came back into the arena swinging. With the beta version of our Eggy app just weeks away from release, we knew it was crucial to get as much feedback as possible on it. It was time to rally the Eggy army. We needed beta testers. We cleared all the crap off the kitchen table, we fashioned a tripod out of a stool and a big wad of Blu Tack. We put our hair up and our helmets on (because let’s face it, after being married for 17 years and spending 23.5 hours of every day together, safety precautions are needed :/). No time for makeup, no time for ironing a nice shirt and definitely no time for cleaning up all the mess the kids had made before they’d gone to daycare. We can’t even remember if we’d showered that day. But we sat down and pressed record.

About three takes later (bloopers reel to come), we figured out how to do the subtitles on the video thing (thanks Subly!) and at about 9pm on Friday night, we sent off our ‘ask’ video into the land of socials with a kiss for good luck. As our professionally written message on the old Fisher Price chalk board said, we had 5 beta testers already. We wanted to get to 100 testers in 28 days. But we didn’t. We got them in 24 hours. The sign-ups are still rolling in and we want them to keep coming. It’s more than we could ever have wished for.

That feeling when you get over 100 testers sign up in 24 hours.

There have been lots of emotions (grateful, stunned, humbled) and expletives (excited, pumped, bricking it) thrown around at our place and among our team since then, but more than anything, the two things we’ve taken away from this activity are:

  1. Heroes.

Not only did we gain more than 100 people signing up to test our app, we gained more than a hundred heroes. All our family and friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues, investors and acquaintances, friends of friends and total strangers – every single person who recognised what we’re trying to do and took action to share, like, love and comment on the posts (which at the time of writing had reached well over 8000 people on Eggy's LinkedIn and Facebook pages).

2. Validation.

We’ve been on this journey for the best part of two years now. Since day one we’ve researched and surveyed and interviewed and tested and asked questions to check that life admin isn’t just a problem for us. The feedback and comments we’ve had from this one post alone confirms to us again that loads of people hate life admin and want a better way to manage it. The overarching theme being: “Sign me up! I need Eggy in my life!” Yep, we all do.

We've burned the midnight oil and had our heads in our hands more times than we care to remember.

And it’s both these things that fuel us with the power to keep going. Those who’ve been following our journey for a while now know that we’re just an Aussie mum and dad, with two young kids, trying to do our best in the world. We, like millions of others, are sick of that overflowing email inbox, that pile of papers on the kitchen bench, that disorganised cloud, that shoebox of receipts cluttering our mental space.

We’ve had a gutful of the “Have I paid the gas bill?”, “When is the car rego due?”, “Where's my Medicare card?” “What’s my drivers licence number?” “When does my phone contract expire?”, “When is that birthday party on?”, “Where’s that warranty gone?” questions that never go away. But when we get so many others engaging with our amateur post filmed at the kitchen table, we know we’re not the only ones who want Eggy to win. We have to keep going.

Hey life admin, the Eggy army is coming for ya.

We’ve poured our hearts, souls and savings into Eggy. We’ve barely taken a weekend off and we’ve burned the midnight oil more times than we care to remember. We’ve pushed ourselves so far out of our comfort zones to learn as quickly as possible. We’re hustling and fighting with everything we’ve got but we’re not alone. We’ve got our hardworking, talented team and our brilliant advisory board beside us. We’ve got our investors who’ve reassured us that they’re proud of us and that they’ve got our backs. And we’ve also got a swarm of people who now, more than ever, want one less thing to worry about, like life admin. We’ve got the fierce and growing Eggy army behind us. And that’s way stronger than a wad of Blu Tack.

- Kate Morgan & Kirk Reynoldson, Co-founders, Eggy

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